Coconut Oil

Coconut oil will contribute to your pet’s cleanliness and overall health. Coconut oil is known to have strong antibacterial, antioxidant, antimicrobial and antifungal characteristics that kill bacteria from your pet’s paws, fur, toys, cozy areas in your home, and more. Thanks to fatty acids and vitamin-E, coconut oil is wonderful as a moisturizer and sunscreen. But it can also treat many skin conditions, because of the strong antimicrobial and antioxidants properties it possess.  Using coconut oil your dog’s skin and fur, will be healthier, and will disinfect at the same time.

Lavender Essential Oil

Do not mistake lavender for being just a pleasant smelling oil. The name itself – lavender (Lavare) – means to wash. Lavender essential oil is one of the most powerful antibacterial oils. Due to the strong antibacterial, antiseptic, healing, calming and pain killing properties, lavender is highly effective in killing bacteria and relieving stress and pain. Regular use of lavender essential oil can help provide resistance to a number of diseases and viruses. And, lavender oil is perfect for eliminating unpleasant odors from your pet’s fur and the litter box.

Aloe Vera

Although all essential oils have therapeutic properties, Aloe Vera oil has one of the strongest antibacterial, antiseptic, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, moisturising and regenerative capabilities.   Applied on skin it turns to be great for keeping skin disinfected, moisturized and soft and because of that it is good in treating bacteria, dry skin, wounds, scratches, bites etc. The anti-inflammatory along with antibacterial and antiseptic power of aloe will leave the skin irritations disinfected and will calm the inflammations. This makes aloe vera very valuable ingredient when talking about skin cleanness and treat of skin issues.


Dr. Petrushevich,

I’m extremely proud that i have been one of the first that have tried Yanika – antibacterial spray for pets. Many people have asked me how to clean their pets from dangerous bacteria, germs but besides using just water i did not know about any product that was effective, natural and completely safe for pets and for humans.

With no hesitation i will recommend Yanika to every pat loving home.

R.Petrushevich, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Remedium Vet

When should you use Yanika – ON DOGS

After Every Walk

Are you worried about what your dog brings into your home after every walk, while exposed to dirt, bacteria and urine from other pets.  Worry no more! Clean – sanitize – and moisturize your dog’s paws with Yanika.

To Eliminate Wet Smell

We all hate the smell of wet fur after rainy walks. Just spray your dog with Yanika when needed, and your dog will smell fresh, due to Lavender, which has a particularly clean aroma.

Instead of Shampoo

Does your dog love to go into the water any chance he has, but you don’t want to use harsh shampoos on him. Simply wash your dog with water, and after the shower, spray him with Yanika. The perfect combination of Coconut Oil, Lavender Oil and Aloe Vera will give your dog clean and fresh smell.

Disinfect Dog’s Toys

Does your dog have more toys than you ever had :)? Just like children’s toys, they have to be disinfected  as well. Yanika’s all natural formula can be used to safely disinfect your dog’s toys, without any harmful effects to your dog.

For Dogs on the GO

Is your dog on the go, just like you are? Using public transport–busses, trains, subway and even airplanes…? Just like you wash your hands afterwards, now you can clean your dog’s paws as well.

When you should use Yanika – ON CATS

For Adventurous Kittens

Just like dogs, some cats have adventurous spirits and love to spend days outside, to explore the neighborhood, and to know that they have everything under control. Since we have no idea where they have been, it’s best to protect our homes from bacteria and germs our cats might have encountered, by simply applying Yanika to their paws once they are ready to come back inside. Now, you can finally have peace of mind knowing your home is safe and protected.

Smelly Litter Box

If litter box odor bothers you, you won’t have to use harsh perfumes full with chemicals any more. Yanika’s 100% natural formula will disinfect and refresh your litter box with a healthy, fresh aroma.

For Indoor Kittens

Indoor cats enjoy the coziness of their homes, but with daily use, their litter box is transformed it into a paradise for millions of different germs and bacteria. You don’t have to worry anymore where they jump–on the couch, the kitchen counter, or on the bed—after using the litter box. Disinfect your cat’s paws by simply applying Yanika. Spray Yanika directly onto your cat’s paws, or you can spray a microfiber towel and wipe the paws.  Either way works perfectly.

Disinfect Cat Tree, Tower and Scratcher

All cat lovers have at least one of these at home. Have you ever questioned yourself about how you can keep these “necessities” clean? It’s very simple actually—the Antiseptic effect of Yanika will sanitize all the areas you want to clean. And Lavender Essential Oils will leave a very pleasing aroma.

Protect your home by protecting your loved ones

Protect your home by protecting your loved ones

Friends about Yanika

Bruno loves water. On every walk, whether it is a river, a lake, or just a puddle, he will jump right in. I don’t like to use harsh shampoos on Bruno, and finally, I found the perfect solution. Now, every time we come from a walk, I simply wash him just with water, and afterwords, I spray him with Yanika. His fur is clean, sanitized and he smells like a flower.

Katja & Bruno

George is our spoiled child. We found him left on a street 7 years ago as a scared baby cat and since than we cannot imagine our live without him. We live in an apartment in big city, so he never goes further from our balcony. As an equal member of our family, he is allowed to use our sofa, kitchen counter, bed, dining table and especially computer keyboard. He is very clean, his fur is nice and with pleasant smell, but after using his litter box, the smell from the litter is transferred on him. Since we discovered Yanika, strange litter box smell is not an issue any more.  We just spray the litter ones in few days and the smell disappears.  And the most important, we feel safer since we know that litter box bacteria and germs are not transferred through our home. He is very picky regarding the products that we use for his own well being, but Yanika is the only spray that he really liked and accepted it from the first day without any difficulties. Yanika’s natural smell is tender and very pleasant both for humans and animals. Thanks to Yanika, our biggest problem with cat hygiene disappeared.

Sophie ˛& George Clooney

Biba is our Queen. She was adopted from a local shelter 11 years ago. Since we live in a suburb of a small city without much traffic, Queen has always been allowed to go outside. Sometimes she brings home “dinner”, and sometimes we could really smell that she has been visiting neighborhood farms. We always hesitate to her inside and jump on the sofa or on the bed, not knowing where she’s been—giving her a shower was not even a consideration—putting it mildly, Biba is not “fond” of water. Fortunately, now that we have discovered Yankia, we just spray a small cloth or towel with Yanika, and then wipe Biba’s feet, before we let her in to roam the house.  It’s simple, easy, safe and effective!

Janja & Biba

Parker is a roller, he loves to roll in everything that is smelly, especially fox poo. The only problem is that he hates water and is afraid of it. With Yanika I only use a wet towel to remove the dirt and after spray him to remove the bacteria. The best part is that he smells great!

Birath Family & Parker

I travel a lot with my work and Nelly is my loyal companion.  Busses, trains and even planes are completely normal for us. But the moment that we return home, after I wash my hands, I look at Nelly and think how can I clean and sanitize her without giving her a complete bath each trip?. I was so happy when my friend told me about Yanika. Now, Nelly and I are both clean and protected after our travels, quickly and easily, thanks to Yanika Spray.

Anna ˛& Nelly


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